Mental Nourishment

by Isle Of Atlantic Dreams

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Lost, I wander the city
Can't remember a thing
I'm so cold, there's just numbness
The blood in my veins feels like ice

Everything falls to pieces,
Scattered limbs all around
Wonder if I still got mine
But who gives a fuck, I want Brains

I'm a zombie I crave human flesh,
Old, young, male, female as long as it's fresh
As you all know: the brains taste the best
I'm a zombie and I want your flesh

Long ago I was human,
Lived a safe sheltered life
Then one day I got bitten,
And now I roam through the night

I remember the fever,
I remember my death,
Then my wife, she got eaten,
I thought: I love you, I love your Brains


released December 1, 2015




Isle Of Atlantic Dreams Osnabrück, Germany

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